Why Hungary?

Hungary is a beautiful eastern european country and part of the Schengen area. The cost of living in Hungary is significantly lower compared to other European countries (e.g. real estate, utilities, public transportation, private clinics and schools are all cheaper). Hungarian visa offers visa free movement throughout Europe

Business Immigration

Just incorporate a company in Hungary, and as a director of the company you can get long term residence permit to immigrate to Hungary with your family. We assist with employee hiring, accounting taxes, buying real estate, taxes, virtual office in Budapest. You can buy real estate in Hungary with your residence permit.

Residency Bonds

Invest 300,000 euros in Government residency bonds and get 5-year Hungarian Permanent Residency (PR), which includes your family (spouse and children). Travel to all Schengen EU countries visa free anytime. Please note residency bonds scheme is closed. Please see business immigration option above. More info