Bank Account opening in Hungary

Foreigners can open multi currency bank account in EUR, USD, Hungarian Forints (HUF). You must visit the bank in person and show your original passport for identification. It is not possible to open personal or corporate bank account without coming to Hungary.  Most banks charge monthly account fee.

Hungary chain bridge

You can visit one of the banks below to open an account. Most of the bank branches in the budapest city centre speak english.

  1. UniCredit Bank
  2. K&H Bank
  3. Raiffeisen Bank
  4. MKB Bank
  5. Erste Bank
  6. CIB Bank
  7. Budapest Bank
  8. FHB Bank
  9. MagNet Bank
  10. Sber bank
  11. OTP bank
  12. Citibank
  13. ING bank
  14. FHB bank