Family Residence Permit

Family members of non-eu persons can apply for residency in Hungary under family unification rules,  if a family member can sponsor and holds a valid residence permit issued by Hungarian authorities for work, employment or business purpose. Spouse and minor children can be included in one application.

The Family permit allows family members

    • You may be gainfully employed in Hungary.
    • Visit Schengen countries (you may not work in these Schengen countries)

The validity of the family permit is attached to the validity of the main sponsors permit.

Documents required

  • Copy of residence permits.
  • Bank account statement (sufficient funds for duration of stay)
  • Sufficient income through sponsorship
  • Sufficient accommodation by establishing a Hungarian residential address (rental agreement, statement from owner entitling to stay free of charge, proof the applicant himself/herself owns residential property in Hungary)
  • Health insurance coverage for all members.
  • Marriage certificate with apostille for spouse with translation in Hungarian.