Hungarian Citizenship

Foreign and non-eu persons who have lived in Hungary for 8 consecutive years and having permanent residence may apply to become a Citizen of Hungary through naturalising procedure. One of the basic legal requirements for Hungarian citizenship is to understand and communicate in Hungarian language on a sufficient level.


  • The applicant has continuously lived in Hungary for a specified period of time and must have had a permanent residence (residence card) – as an immigrant, a permanent resident, a person recognised as a refugee and a person entitled to freedom of movement and stay.
  • The applicant has no criminal record and is not under prosecution.
  •  The applicant’s accommodation and subsistence are assured in Hungary.
  •  The applicant’s naturalisation does not violate the public and national security of Hungary.
  •  The applicant must pass an examination in basic constitutional studies in Hungarian language.

Preferential Naturalisation

Persons who meet the following requirements may apply for preferential naturalisation after having been residing in Hungary for 3 consecutive years if :

  • Valid marriage with a Hungarian citizen for at least three years, or his/her marriage has been terminated with the spouse’s death,
  • Minor child is a Hungarian citizen,
  • Adopted by a Hungarian citizen (and he/she reached legal age in the meantime),
  • Recognized as a refugee by a Hungarian authority.
  • Stateless.

Persons who meet the following requirements may apply for preferential naturalisation after having been residing in Hungary for five consecutive years if:

• Born in the territory of Hungary,
• Established residence in Hungary before reaching the legal age,

In case of a minor child the requirement for periods of time set out above may be reduced if application for naturalisation is submitted together with that of parent or if parent has already acquired Hungarian citizenship. The application for naturalisation of a minor child adopted by a Hungarian citizen may be submitted by the adoptive parent regardless of the child’s place of residence.

The application for naturalisation shall be submitted in person

• to the district (capital district) office of the capital and county government offices,
• to the integrated customer service of the capital and county government offices,
• to the Hungarian consular officials, or
• to the regional directorates of the Office of Immigration and Nationality

Naturalisation Procedure

  1. The Office of Immigration and Asylum shall forward the applications for naturalisation to the Minister of Interior within three months.
  2. The deadline shall not include the time period between the call for submission of missing documents and the fulfilment of the submission obligation, and the time period between a request for obtaining a document necessary for the procedure from another authority or state body and the reply to this request.
  3. The president of the republic shall issue a certificate of naturalisation attesting the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship. Subsequently, the applicant must take a citizenship oath or pledge of allegiance, for which the invitation shall be sent by the mayor of the district of his/her residence. The naturalised person shall acquire the Hungarian citizenship on the date of taking the oath or pledge of allegiance.
  4. The mayor shall notify the applicant of the place and date of the citizenship oath or pledge of allegiance within 30 days of receipt of the document.
    If the oath or pledge of allegiance is not taken within one year, the naturalisation document shall cease to have effect.
  5. If the applicant does not meet the conditions for naturalisation and his/her application is rejected, he/she may submit a new application for naturalisation.
  6. Hungarian citizenship may be withdrawn from a person who acquired his/her Hungarian citizenship by breaching the law, in particular, by communicating false data, or concealing data or facts, and thereby misleading the authorities.
  7. The naturalisation procedure and the change of name procedure are free of charge.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship is not restricted in Hungary. Renunciation of foreign citizenship is not a prerequisite for the acquisition of Hungarian citizenship; however, in some countries the acquisition of citizenship of another state may result in the loss of the original citizenship.