Permanent Residence Card

There are two types of permanent residency options issued to foreigners with long term residence status.

1. National Permanent Settlement Permit

Third country nationals can apply for permanent residency under National Permanent Residence Permit (NPRP) (Állandó tartózkodási kártya) in Hungary if you have lawfully lived atleast 3 years in Hungary (job, employment, business) without being absent for 90 days every year.  This permit is not issued to EU citizens.

The NPRP immigration card allows you to

  • Gainfully employed in Hungary.
  • Unrestricted entry and longer term stay.
  • Work or visit other Schengen countries.

Non-EU persons may enter the territory of other Schengen Member States with a valid passport and stay there for not more than 90 days without visa, during the period of validity of his/her national permanent residence permit.

The national permanent residence permit affords the right of residence in the territory of Hungary for an indefinite period of time. The validity period of the document is 5 years, that may be extended upon the third-country national’s request submitted  – with a payment of HUF 10,000 in the form of revenue stamp – to the competent regional directorate of the Immigration and Asylum Office by an additional 5 years.

2. EC Permanent Residence Permit

There is another type of permanent residency issued EC Permanent Residence Permit (ECPR)  (EK letelepedési engedély) issued to non-EU persons who have lived in Hungary for 5 years.The validity period of an EC permanent residence permit is 5 years, and it may be extended by an additional 5 years This permit is possible under the following conditions

  • Lawfully resided in the territory of Hungary continuously for at least the preceding five years before the application was submitted; or
  • Issued an EU Blue Card, and
  • Lawfully resided in the territory of Hungary continuously for at least the preceding two years before the application was submitted; and
  • Lawfully resided in the territory of any Member State of the European Union continuously for at least five years.
  • Not absent from Hungary for 90 days in each year.

The ECPR is revoked if the applicant is absent from the territory of Member States of the European Union for a period of over twelve months. A decision from authorities to issue ECPR is taken within 70 working days.