Hungary Permanent Residence Visa for Investors

Fast Track Investor Euro Bond Program

Hungary has an attractive  ‘fast track’ investor program, where upon buying EUR 250,000 worth of Government bonds, foreign investors are granted Permanent residence permit valid for 5 years. The interest earned in the investment is kept by the Govt. There are various additional costs of around EUR 50,000 of agent fee, processing fee and other costs,  in addition to the above investment amount. After 5 years, applying for Hungarian passport (EU) possible.

The €250,000 investment is fully redeemable after 5 yrs, while the investor can still get to keep the PR after the 5th year.

Investment Amount: € 250,000
Government Processing Fee: € 40,000

Total costs: EUR 290,000 (all inclusive fee for a main applicant, spouse and 2 minor children)

The Hungarian PR allows permanent residents to travel freely within the 27 other Schengen countries and stay without a visa in these countries for up to 90 days every six months. Hungarian passport after 5 years of PR.

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