VAT Invoicing in Hungary

The VAT rate is 27% in Hungary. There are strict VAT rules in Hungary which must be followed and all business invoices must charge VAT and indicate VAT amount.

Taxable persons doing business in the EU are subject to a single set of basic EU-wide invoicing rules (Articles 217-240 VAT Directive).

Hungarian companies must also follow strict invoicing rules and file taxes accordingly.  A valid EU VAT number must be quoted in all invoices. A VAT invoice can be issued in Hungarian or english and must contain the following information

  • Word INVOICE written
  • Date of issue of invoice
  • A unique, sequential number
  • Full names and addresses of the supplier and customer
  • VAT number of the supplier and customer
  • Supplier bank account details
  • Description of the goods or services provided
  • Quantities of goods or services provides with unit price,
  • A date of the supply if different from the invoice date
  • Total net amount
  • Total payable amount
  • The total, gross value of the invoice
  • The VAT rate applied, and the amount of VAT
  • If invoice currency is in other currency than local currency, VAT amount should be stated in both currencies
  • If VAT is not charged refer to applicable VAT exempt


  • The term “fordított adózás” (reverse charge) if the transaction is subject to the
    reverse charge mechanism;
  • The term “önszámlázás” (self–billing) if the invoice is issued by the customer;
  • The term “pénzforgalmi elszámolás” (cash accounting) if the taxable person has
    opted for the cash accounting regime

To learn more invoicing rules in Hungary, please refer to this page.

You can download free VAT invoice sample template here: