VAT Refund

Shopping in Hungary over 50.000 HUF (€162) invoice value entitles foreign tourists to claim VAT refunding. Non-resident travelers may also apply for a refund of up to 16% of the general sales tax (AFA) on goods purchased in Hungary, with the exception of works of art, collections and antiques, under the following conditions:

  • The single or total value of the goods on one original invoice, including AFA, must exceed 50,000 Ft.
  • Not more than 90 days may elapse between the time of purchase and the time of export.
  • The goods must be taken out of the country in new condition; that is, they may not be used in Hungary.
  • At the time of departure the purchase must be presented to the customs officer, together with the AFA refund claim form, a detailed fiscal invoice and the Tax Free Envelope. These 3 items must be obtained from the place of purchase.
  • You should also retain the receipts of your currency exchange for Ft and enclose it with your documents. If using a credit card, enclose the credit card receipt.
  • Make sure to get the a customs stamp or the refund is not possible. If departing Hungary by plane, you should go to the customs office immediately after receiving your boarding pass at check-in and before you pass security control.
  • You may receive your VAT refund in cash immediately at the airport (look for the VAT refund desk at the IBUSZ office) or by bank check sent to your home address or as a payment directly to your credit card. Mail refunds must be requested no more than 6 months after date of purchase.

You may receive your VAT refund in cash at Budapest Airport and at all border crossings at IBUSZ Travel Agency Offices.